The SkillSpec Way

SkillSpec Career has trained several business analysts, project management and accounting professionals that are now working in various sectors ranging from financial service industry to Software development and consultancy.

Our training consultants have been in their industries for combined period exceeding fifty years. Our Project Management and business analysis trainers are Management consultants that have worked as analysts and project managers in fortune 500 companies in financial services, Retail, Education and software development industry.

Our accounting and finance trainings are delivered by finance consultants that have been in their fields for close to two decades working in different countries. They are ACCA qualified and very broadminded having run private accounting practices for many years in the United Kingdom. Our accounting and finance delegates are exposed to case studies, industry standard tools and made to work as interns on real live accounting and finance problems.

We also offer entrepreneurial refreshment and finance trainings targeted specifically towards people in business and those others requiring basic level of finance management literacy. The entrepreneurship training allows the entrepreneurs to be in tune with the dynamics of the complexities of modern business environment and how to stay ahead of the pack. Whereas the finance trainings for business people is designed to imbibe in the participants , the money management principles, sourcing for project and business funding, as well as basic cash flow management and audit principles.

Our approach is to get the candidates attending our project management and business analysis trainings work on life projects being delivered by our sister companies-SkillSpec ICT Ltd and SKillSpec Consultancy. These projects may involve setting up of corporate websites for our clients, building mobile apps or development of business plans, business cases and feasibility studies. Sometimes we may have to work on building unique solutions to directly respond to market opportunities and gets our delegates exposed to these in rigorous full project lifecycle journeys.

In cases where these are not readily available, we deliver our programmes in simulatedenvironments where delegates are exposed to the same activities and tools as in real live projects. But this is rarely the case!

Tools we use for all our trainings are industry standard being used in the market by corporations aligning with industry best practices.

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