Project Management

Project management is as old as humanity! We have all read histories of how the great cities of the world were built: the ancient Rome, several renowned empires and the great pyramids. Their qualities and precisions with which they were delivered indicate to us that certain methodical approaches were followed and adhered to. The Industrial Revolution was met with great strides in scientific innovation and engineering pursuits which crystallised project management into something of note.

In this modern world, organisations and governments invest huge resources in building infrastructure. This may be governments embarking on road, rail, water and refinery infrastructure projects. It may also be a private corporation investing in business expansion thereby constructing new head offices or embarking on projects to satisfy the requirements of regulators. As millions of pounds are invested sometimes on these projects, the need to put in place methodical implementation standards in place for delivery becomes overwhelmingly important. This necessity is the driving force for project management evolving as one of the paramount professional fields and this will foreseeably remains so for as long as the human race exists. You wonder why it is one of the highest paying fields worldwide? We do not think so!

At SkillSpec Career, project management is one of the core ‘thing’ we do. We develop and nurture aspiring project management professionals while we deliver projects in technology and consultancy as a company. We have developed project delivery framework that adheres to the world known standard best practices such as Prince 2, PMBOK, Waterfall & Agile. Our delegates’ work with consultants, business analysts, technical analysts and developers on projects we deliver for our clients. They become job ready or improved project management professional by the time they are exiting our doors. Some of the industry standard tools that we use for our project management trainings are: Microsoft Project, Excel, Power Point,, SharePoint, Confluence, Jira, and Basecamp

The entry paths to this course are dependence of where you are in your career ladder as there are different levels and grades of role in project management.


  • Project Management Methodologies (PRINCE 2, PMI)
  • Agile (Scrum ) and Role of a Project Manager
  • Sprint Estimates &  Planning
  • Roles of PMO, Project Support Officer, Project Administrator, Project Coordinator, Project Planner and Project Manager
  • Project Planning : Task and Milestone Plans, Resource and budget Plans using Ms Project
  • Reporting : Event & Time Driven reports,
  • Workshop Facilitation and Scribing (minutes taking)
  • Managing Control Documents
  • Updating the RAIDs Register
  • Collaboration Using Ms SharePoint
  • Risk Management & Quality Assurance
  • Project Planning & Using MS Projects
  • Setting Up a PMO Office
  • Portfolio Management

Learning Outcome

At the end of this programme you will be able to learn:

  • Project administrative activities like setting up and scribing of meetings, reporting and planning projects.
  • You will also be able to in conjunction with your team create and continually update RAID register.
  • You will be able to use tools like SharePoint, Power-Point, Excel and Microsoft Project.
  • You will learn how to make presentation before audience and communicate professionally well
  • You will learn how to identify stakeholders and prepare RACI Matrix
  • As part of all our trainings you will be taught on how to create a killer CV
  • As part of all our trainings you will be mentored for job interviews


Available opportunities are numerous and this depends on your experience, trainings and aptitude.

You can become any of these:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Officer
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Management Officer
  • Programme Manager

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