Our Customer Promise

The Promise

 At SkillSpec we are driven by the mission of providing value to customers. At the foundation of every plan, steps and actions is the basic question: What is in this for our customers?

 Since we are customer driven organisation we have resolved to be accessible to the customers every time on all our contact channels

 We are driven all the time by the mission to provide high quality services to the present and potential consumers of our service on a sustainable basis.

 We do say ‘customer services’ is our main business not rather a part of what we do.

 We are resolved to beat our competitors’ turn-around time on every service segment that

we are present.

 We will go out of our ways to seek feedbacks and suggestions from customers so we are in tune with what constitutes a good service

 We have resolved to be a listening organisation. We say we would listen to all the stakeholders : customers, competitors, regulators, and the society and adjust where these are necessarily required

Complaint Standard

 We would communicate clearly with you in a language easy to understand and keep a very engaging style from the point of contact to the end.

 Our standard will always be to resolve your complaints first time, every time.

 We start by acknowledging the receipt of your communication, complaints and suggestions while we also keep you informed with the progress being made to act on them

 We would always communicate with you at personal level treating you as individual with unique needs that requires acting upon.

 We will strive to integrate your complaints and feedbacks into our improvement plans using them to drive our Critical Success Factors and setting Key Performance Indicators

Turn Around Time

 Our standard is to acknowledge receipts of your contacts within the first 48 hours and resolve your issues in the first ten days

 We would aspire to inform you if we require more time to investigate issues and refer them to specialists

Fees, Payments and Refunds

 We strive to keep our prices competitive compared to our industry peers and provide utmost value for money.

 Our payment channels include : payments at our office, on our website using your card or paypal accounts or directly to our bank accounts which are made publicly available.

 We have a very fair refund policy that guides our operations where we need to make refunds to you


We would strive to keep and maintain consistent information on all our communication channels like the websites, social media pages, banners and flyers. We also ensure the details of every piece on all these channels represent our true story at all times


We will always keep you informed about changes to prices, service standards and mode of operations on all our channels of communication which include the website, social media pages and banners.


We would maintain to keep our environment green by recycling our papers, make more use of less printed materials when necessary and strive to generate the barest minimum pollutive wastes

Our Service

We would continue to be innovative by offering the right quality service to our clients. We will continue to invest in research, service reviews and industry survey withs a view to improve our products offerings, quality of service and turn-around time.

Social Responsibility

We shall continue to be responsive to the needs of our markets and the general interests in what we do. We will strive to offer opinions and contribute to defining standard best practice by writing blogs and publishing industry related articles on our website and social media pages

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