Mentoring & Coaching

At SkillSpec Careers we get along with your trainings and mentoring needs in very unique ways. Our approach is to create a conducive ways for you to learn by aiding you to be confident to make mistakes while trying to attain perfection. The platform enables you to interact with your peers, those ahead of you as well as those behind you in career journey. We believe this way, you are able to grow vertically and horizontally as you identify learning buddies besides laying a strong foundation to build solid network of professional friends. You will get mentors for projects you work on and for job interviews.

As part of our learning package we put you in an environment where you could develop essential soft skills to make presentation, facilitations and mingle seamlessly with others from different backgrounds while working on projects. We know re-enforcing, steering and embedding important soft skills are very essential for your career and personal success. Towards this, we will work with you face to face, remotely, or a combination of both to suit your needs, and help you to resolve identified challenges as well as certain outlined objectives. We develop your skills on writing a killer CV and answering difficult interview questions.We however do not leave it at this even after you might have left us! We have an alumni platform where you will continue to have access to resources, articles, blogs and guides for continuous self-development.

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