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When Can I start?

Our scheduled training times will be published on our web and social media sites. You can book for any of the trainings, however we recommend you join the earliest possible sessions to achieve your career objective as quickly as possible.


Can I discuss specific trainings’ requirement with you?

We expect you may get answers to lot of your questions via our web and social media sites, However you can call to discuss with our training consultants, submit an enquiry form, subscribe to newsletters or send an email directly to our admin team.


How do I make booking for my Training?


You can book and make payment using any of the following means
Your credit or debit cards on our website
Via Paypal on our website
Pay via BACS transfer directly to our Santander account
Pay directly with your credit or debit cards on the phone with our training representatives in the office

What would you provide to me during the course?

You would be provided with branded writing material.

  • Access to software for trainings

  • Access to professional templates on our systems

  • Live business cases relevant to your training

  • Permanent access to the alumnus resource section on our website

    What I get as part of my training package?

    Our courses are delivered in a very serene environment equipped with the required training gadgets and materials.

    • Brilliant and experienced trainers

    • London Dockland location

    • Refreshment with every course

    • Opportunity for mentoring and coaching

    • You become a member of our alumnus forum online and on whattsapp where you can continue to network and share standard industry best practice with professional colleagues


      Does my course come with a certificate?

    • No, we only equip you for the write knowledge, hands-on training and experience.

Is there adequte protection for my cards’ information on your site?

Yes as we use Paypal and Stripe as the platforms for our trainings; furthermore, we have SSL certificate installed on the site to help protect your financial details.

Can you help me on my own project in the training?

In the training outline that we send to you and also advertise on our website we would have indicated the total package of what we would deliver. As much as we may like to be flexible to personal request, we strongly recommend you request for private training that will be customised to your specific needs. If not you may choose to request for our consultancy service for your project

What is the number of delegate in each training session?

We would always have a minimum of 6 and maximum 16 delegates in a set for all our training categories

Do I need to be physically present?

Yes we STRONGLY recommend you are physically present for the first few sessions (to be advised when you booked) then subsequently you would join online sessions to be delivered via skype, WebEx or go-to meeting.

Will I incure additional cost that maybe hidden to me now?

The price that we will quote you for the training fees will always be inclusive of the VAT

What times are the course?

The times for specific courses will always be advertised on our web and social media sites

Can I cancel my booking?


You can normally request for refund before the last 3 days prior to the commencement of the training session. This is subject to our refund policy and any specific agreement with you

Is there parking at the training venue?

There is parking space but for limited number of cars so we recommend you come on public transport

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