22 Jul

Current Projects Portfollio

  1.  African & Caribbean Grocery stores business process re-engineering.

    Background: Our sister company-SkillSpec Consulting services has contracts to re-engineer the business processes of two retail stores based in London. These businesses have identified certain fundamental issues with their accounting and stock management processes. These problems stem from accounts’ reconciliation challenges to deficiency in stock management processes and procedures. On carrying out an initial root-cause analysis, we found the need for these businesses to implement:

    Automated stock management processes that are linked to the Till and the warehouse where stocks are kept before being displayed on the goods shelve in the store.
    Automated Till Management system- This will utilise the Electronic Point of Sales terminal and stock configuration management system under-pines by bar-coding solutions.
    Client facing web and app solutions that allow the customers to self-serve and get products delivered to them via a standard delivery logistics system that we are putting in place

  2. Eat Exotic
    Working on the delivery of web and mobile application solutions for one of the clients to SkillSpec ICT and SkillSpec Consulting Services. These solutions are to build a platform on which customers are to order for foods and chefs for special occasions

  3. Care Management Solution
    A CRM solution that our sister company- SKillSpec ICT Ltd is working on for the Care industry. This is being designed to manage total service delivery to care users, the recruitment and deployment of support workers as well as providing means of electronic record keeping and business statistics for care providers.

  4. SkillSpec ICT Ltd
    Web As a Service Product and VOIP deployment- Our sister companies deliver corporate websites, mobile applications and VOIP IVR solutions to enterprise businesses.


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