28 May

My Personal Story

I came in contact with project management and business analysis many years ago as a very young banking officer in Nigeria. Around this time, well over a decade ago, I have invested in Project Management trainings with Phillip Consulting and Harvard Institute both in Nigeria. I also nominated myself and got my line manager’ approvals to attend several company funded courses at Oceanic Bank (Ecobank) Leadership Academy. These courses range from Lean Six Sigma and Project Stakeholders’ management to personal effectiveness as well as leadership trainings for Management Banking Trainees. As a follow up to all these, I undertook Executive Masters Certificate programme In Project Management and got certified in ISEB Business Analysis, Lean 6 Sigma and APM Prince 2 Practitioner examination.

All of these trainings that I have undertaken had laid the foundation for my journey as a professional in the world of project management and now as an Independent business consultant. They have simply broadened my horizon and gave me the flexibility to think to do many things. As a career analyst, I have invested more in my capability to be resourceful in many environments than being a subject matter expert in any one single area of specialisation. I now look back to this with confidence because get surprised at the impacts of all these on my outputs even in many unfamiliar terrains as an employed consultant and independent business consultant. My greatest asset is my ability to do this all the time regardless of the sector. Due to this reason, I have never stopped learning as I continue to engage in personal development efforts to gain more depth. This may be reading piece of article on Linkedin, professional blog-sites or  magazines like ‘The Economist’ or listening to news on world socio-political economy via BBC, CNN’.I tell you all of these endeavours always have a way of connecting the dots together for you as a professional in terms of depths. It makes you a go-to person on many subjects. People will trust you and your intellectual opinion because you would always on most occasions offer these on the strength of knowledge and your exposure to the minds of many experts via your vast readings on several platforms. I have leveraged on this also working on projects within and outside financial services both in the UK and Nigeria.

I have working alongside my highly experienced team, brought my personal experience and vast intellectual exposure to bear on the structuring of SkillSpec Career trainings and the general approach to what we offer. At SkillSpec, we are building an environment and platform where candidates will come to learn, gain insights into how to continue to develop themselves and strengthen their professional connections. Our structure will continue to guarantee continuous moulding of delegates well into their career future. We reckoned that this is the only way to make an everlasting positive career impacts on people that are capable and willing to attain as well as better the best in their career journeys. From the moment your enter our door whether electronically online or to our offices, we start treating you as a partner on this journey. Our goal is to exceed your career needs and expectations. This is the minimum target we have set for ourselves because we are SkillSpec. Yes, we are SkillSpec!


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