05 Nov

Do You Require A Business Plan?

bizplanEvery one plans! It is either you are planning to fail by doing no planning or you atleast expect to succeed by planning about what you want to achieve. Businesses and countries that have failed to plan meticulously have been known to fail, under-achieve or never reach their potentials.

At SkillSpec we believe a goal written down is already on its journey to being achieved. Writing down your goal forces you to think through what you need to achieve the goals, measuring the goal and the timelines for achieving the goals. For example, if your business goals targets 20,000 customers by year two and your staffing plan makes provision for two marketers, that then triggers you to start asking: How can two marketing personnel generate 20,000 customers? This might now leads you to realise that forming partnerships, targeting distributors and concentrating on bulk sales to large companies may be what will work best for you as a tactics.

We believe business plan is not only a tool to raise fund from investors or banks, it is much more than that! You utilise your plan to manage yourself, for recruitment of staff as well as operating the business. Our consultants will deliver the business plans that will do all of these for you. Yes we will!

Our business consultants have upward of fifteen years professional experience working with several blue chip organisations as analysts. They also have above 10 years excellent experience of freelance consultancy delivering business plans, business cases, funding applications and management consulting services to individuals, start up businesses and medium scale consulting organisations. We have delivered plans for the establishment of refineries, credit unions, claim management companies, entertainment outfits, schools and many more.

We pride ourselves as a team to have core competence and proven experience of end to end business plan development covering background studies, market penetration plan, growth forecast, competitive analysis, strategy development, Cash flow analysis, financial projections, SWOT analysis and business environmental scanning.

Your business plans will be delivered by a crack team of financial consultants, chattered accountants and management consultants such that we will consider the financials and as well as the strategy to achieve them in detail.

Anywhere you are in the world we will deliver a plan for you. We understand the global market dynamics so well. Our plan of attack will be to first administer questionnaire on you to get necessary background information and then sign a Non-disclosure agreement with you that we will keep your vital business information very confidential.

Contact our team today via consultingteam@skillspec.com or on this number……..

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