Prior to me attending a course at Skill Spec, I was quite sceptical about the value it would add to my knowledge and skill about Business Analysis; having attended the course elsewhere before with high expectations being met with disappointment .

Upon agreeing to give it a go at Skill Spec, I found it a unique experience, having the course taught to me in a very interactive, most relaxing, simple yet professional manner.

Attending a Business Analysis course at Skill Spec has broadened my horizon and enabled me to gain more confidence in the midst of other professionals in the field.  Come joint the train of successful professionals and have your career revolutionalize to the next level; you sure will not regret investing in this ‘pot of knowledge and skill builder’!

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Our Customer Promise

The Promise

 At SkillSpec we are driven by the mission of providing value to customers. At the foundation of every plan, steps and actions is the basic question: What is in this for our customers?

 Since we are customer driven organisation we have resolved to be accessible to the customers every time on all our contact channels

 We are driven all the time by the mission to provide high quality services to the present and potential consumers of our service on a sustainable basis.

 We do say ‘customer services’ is our main business not rather a part of what we do.

 We are resolved to beat our competitors’ turn-around time on every service segment that

live business cases and projects derived from our work with the clients we deliver consulting services for.

Our Facilities-

We have a good office that is suitable for learning because they are equipped with good aesthetics, electronic board, strong Wi-Fi internet services, working tools. For all of our trainings, we use industry standard software hosted in the cloud to aid collaborations and remote working styles. There is also very reasonable number of spaces available for the parking of delegates’ vehicles.

We have different training choose the one best suited for needs!

Our training is both classroom and practical work to build your confidence!

A few of the Tools we used to deliver quality service to you:

We are deligent, professional and we deliver value for money!

Meet Your Instructors

We have over 40 years of combined experience behind us

Moshood Sulaiman


Niyi Raimi


Beshel Ikwen

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Treasure Icha


Our Training Packages

Practical Accounting

Our practical accounting work experience covers financial and management accounting training in anwork setting. It is so designed to bridge the gap between accounting knowledge, past trainings on one hand and the required job experience on the other hands.

Project Management

Project management is as old as humanity! We have all read histories of how the great cities of the world were built: the ancient Rome, the great pyramids and other renowned empires. Their qualities and precisions with which they were delivered indicate to us that certain methodical approaches were followed and adhered to. The Industrial Revolution was met with great strides in scientific innovation…

Business Analysis

A business analyst ensures projects deliver the right value for the business!. Business analyst solves problems for the organisation by ensuring proper root-cause analysis is conducted to ensure that the right problems rather than symptoms are being dealt with. The business analyst works with Subject Matters Experts and….

Finance Training for Entreprenuers

Finance is the bedrock of any business anywhere in the world! This is such that even the charity organisations that are design not for profit motives employ competent financial managers to ensure they are healthy finance-wise. This course is designed for entrepreneurs and other categories of people that find themselves in situations requiring the making of finance related decisions.

BREXIT! Where will Project Management & Business Analysis be....

Project Management Tools

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